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Origin: Apu Vineyards, Curahuasi district, Abancay province, Apurímac Region

Vineyard Elevation: 2850 meters / Latitude: 73 ° 32'30" south / Thermal amplitude: 20°C

Soil: Limestone with a surface layer of loose soil with a slope of 45 to 50°

Vineyard age: 7 years

Harvest date: August 27th, 2020

Production per hectare: 7500 Kg for every four Sangiovese plants, the fruit necessary to obtain approximately 750 ml of wine (one bottle).

Vinification: Pre-fermentation maceration was carried for 2 days for a greater extraction of aromas, flavor and color of the grape skins. Alcoholic fermentation continued, along with malolactic fermentation, to balance the acidity. The whole process was carried out in stainless steel tanks, where it rested for six months, then it continued its aging in 225 liter French oak barrels for another six months.

Alcoholic grade: 12.8°

The Apu Team

Founders: Meg McFarland y Fernando Gonzales Lattini

Vigneron: Fernando Gonzales Lattini

Enologist: Rodrigo Avilés

Sommelier's Tasting Notes

Aspect: It is characterized by its depth, brightness and intensity. Ruby red in color with hints of cherry red.

Smell: highlights the notes of ripe red fruits such as cherry, raspberry and apple, accompanied by subtle notes of vanilla.

Taste: it presents a medium-high acidity, round tannins, persistent and fruity after taste.

Serving Recommendations

Oxygenation: twenty minutes in a decanter or preferably make circular movements in a glass during the first ten minutes.

Serving Temperature: 4°-1C

Pairing: Neapolitan pizza, pasta with Bolognese sauce, prosciutto or parmegiano reggiano. The recommended cuts of meat are skirt steak and top sirloin.

Additional comments: the wine has great potential to evolve, as long as it is kept in optimal conditions, thanks to its acidity that gives it a pleasant freshness and at the same time acts as an excellent natural preservative. The natural acidity of APU wines is due to the calcium carbonate present in the sub-layers of the soil where the vineyards are located, as well as to sunny days and very cold nights, which is known in the wine world as thermal amplitude.

Sommelier: Pedro Cuenca Espinoza

  • Writer's pictureApu Winery

Harvest date: 10 September, 2020

Quantity: 125 kgs.

Resting time in stainless steel: 6 months

Time in oak casks: 6 months

Alcohol: 13.2 %

Good body, balanced acidity, tannins, and alcohol

Color: dark red

Aromas: black fruits, notes of red pepper with vanilla, butterscotch and tobacco

Taste: consistent with the aromas and notes of herbs and tea

Apu’s vineyards are “heroic” because of their high-altitude, steep slopes, and terraces. Heroic vineyards are known for their difficult terrain and their economic impact in remote areas where opportunities are scarce.

Because mechanization is not possible at Apu, we require many human hands. We focus on employing and supporting women. Women’s economic empowerment boost productivity and increases economic diversification and income equality.

What makes this project rewarding isn’t overcoming orographic obstacles, but rather its economic impact in our community.

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