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Sustainability at Apu Winery

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

We promote sustainability at Apu Winery. Watch this video to learn more about our educational programs to conserve water.

The Ccelhuaccocha (hel-uwah-ho-cha) Lagoon, our pristine water source in dry season, is formed from glacial meltwater at 4,500 meters above sea level.

At Apu, we realize that preservation of this precious resource is necessary. Peru’s glaciers are at risk of disappearing because of global warming. People in rural areas, especially small-scale farmers, will suffer the most when the glaciers melt.

This alarming fact has compelled us to take more steps to conserve water. First, we are exploring dry farming at Apu.

Second, we are teaching conservation to our community, teaching conservation and helping replace surface irrigation with tanks, tubes and drips.

Third, through the Ancapara Program, Fernando is helping install pipes and sprinklers across the Curahuasi Valley and educating people on how to use them.

The necessity to conserve water drastically transcends winemaking; lives depend on this precious resource. We will do our part to protect it here at our high-altitude winery & vineyards, both through conservation and education.

We believe small efforts can have much greater impact on the Andean community


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