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Progress at Apu Winery

Everyone in the past year has felt the effects of the pandemic; Apu Winery is no exception. Borders closed in Peru, making it impossible to leave or enter the country. Sometimes lockdowns prohibited us from leaving Apurímac to get necessary supplies in Cusco. However, we tried to make the best of COVID by focusing on improving our winery and vineyards.

Despite the frequent border closings and an absence of flights from international destinations, we still managed to import plants from France. The new varieties have just started budding. In 3 years, we hope to be selling wine made from these new plants, including Merlot, Chardonnay, and some surprise varieties we are testing.

vines france, peruvian wine
Picking up new vines in Cusco

Although our winery is always a work in progress, we are working toward its completion. The luxury of time that COVID afforded us, along with special permission from the local authorities to employ locals, allowed us to make progress on the construction of the winery.

high altitude winery, peru wine
Our wine cave is nearing completion

sustainable wine, off grid winemaking
The gravity-flow winery is functioning!

sustainable wine making, peruvian wine
The levels that make gravity-flow winemaking possible

Natural refrigerator in the winery

Fernando had time to brighten our days with an (extremely) blue gate!

While we are grateful for health and the progress made in the past year, we are ready for the pandemic's grips to unfetter so we can return to some sort of normalcy. Please contact us soon in the future if you have a visit to the winery pending! We look forward to welcoming you again.


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