Curahuasi, Apurimac, Peru
2,850 and 3,300 meters
Apu Peruvian Wine- Sauvignon Blanc. High altitude wine, craft wine, winery peru


   Color: Light yellow with hints of green

   Aroma: Boxwood, black currant & citrus

   Flavor: Lime, grapefruit & minerals

   Pairing: Ceviche, white fish & white meat

Apu Peruvian Wine-Rosé. High altitude wine, craft wine, winery peru


   Color:  Pale fuchsia

   Aroma: Strawberry & rose

   Flavor:  Grapefruit, minerals & strawberry

   Pairing: Ribs, salad & BBQ meat

Apu Peruvian Wine-Sangiovese. High altitude wine, craft wine, winery peru


  Color:   Deep ruby

  Aroma: Chocolate-covered cherries

  Flavor:  Cherry, raspberry & chocolate

  Pairing: Steak or duck




We have one of the highest wineries and vineyards in the world. We also want to be the most responsible.

Apu sits in a patchwork quilt of small farms, heath, and woodlands. In the valley below us, the waters of the River Lucmos tumble past the town of Curahuasi, via the Apurimac, all the way to the mighty Amazon. In the warm sunshine, hummingbirds, parrots, and falcons flit, hover and soar around the vineyard. In the cool of dusk, to the northeast, there are sometimes flashes of light in the distance as thunderstorms peel over the rainforest that lies just beyond the mountains.


We want to protect the rich biodiversity that surrounds us, so we are on a firm path to sustainability. Our gravity-flow winery and vineyards are completely off-grid, with sunlight generating electricity and high lagoons supplying fresh, glacial meltwater during dry season.



It is our duty to make a positive impact in our community. We have created a viticulture project that will teach locals to raise their own grapes and make and commercialize wine. We also work with the Ancapara Agricultural Program to improve infrastructure and teach resource conservation. Our goal is to help promote sustainability and reduce poverty in the Andes.



One of the first wines in Peru was produced in the year 1560 in Marcahuasi, very near our vineyards. Reviving the wine-making traditions among the snow-capped Andes has been immensely challenging and rewarding. We hope you enjoy drinking Apu Wines as much as we enjoy making them.



Determined to fulfill their life-long dream to establish a vineyard, Apu founders Fernando Gonzales-Lattini and Meg McFarland scoured the Andes for years, finally finding the perfect viticulture conditions outside the small town of Curahuasi. In 2011, dense brush was cleared, the first vines were planted, and their vision materialized. Years later, Apu is brimming with life. Fernando, Meg, their young children, grapevines, and many animals now call Apu home.

Our dedication to producing an exceptional terroir-driven, craft wine shows throughout our whole process. We do everything by hand at Apu, from weeding and harvesting to labeling each bottle. Being so personally involved in the viticulture and enology processes makes us especially proud of our wine. Made on Andean soils, the ancestral land of the Incas, we proudly offer this premium, high-altitude wine to you. 




Tarales, Curahuasi

Apurimac, Peru



We are located approximately 2 hours from Cusco.


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Premium Peruvian Wine

Apu is a high-altitude wine made from grapes grown on vines reaching 3,300 meters (10,827 ft).